The Life! It’s our way to communicate you don’t have to compromise performance of your period protection AND you can make a positive choice for yourself.
La Vie™ brand pads and liners are available in the US and Canada. You can find us at,, HEB, Hannaford, Schnucks, and Harris Teeter. Check out our Shop La Vie™ page for more information.
The top sheet is the layer on the pad or liner that is closest to your body. The top sheet fibers are made with 100% organically grown cotton.
The Air Fit™ cushion is in the center of the pad and liner and has an off white or yellowish color because the material used does not undergo bleaching.
Our pad and liner wrappers are made of fabric, providing quiet discretion while opening the product.
The liners and the pads are manufactured using innovative technologies and are imported from South Korea.
La Vie™ pads and liners are made with an Organic Content Standard (OCS) certified top sheet that is made with organic cotton ensuring only fibers that are 100% organically grown cotton come in contact with your skin.
No, there is no natural rubber latex present in our pads and liners.
None of our products are made from gluten containing materials including wheat, rye, barley, spelt, triticale, kamut, farina or oats.
No, our products are made without elemental chlorine, fragrances and artificial dyes.
Some of our consumers have found our Overnight Pads helpful for post-partum protection due to their larger size and additional absorbency compared to the regular pads.
When the product is used/soiled, place in trash receptacle. Do not flush.
At La Vie™ we believe no young woman should sacrifice her education because she doesn’t have proper feminine products for her period. We have teamed up with to make an impact in US public schools by helping teachers supply period pads for young women in need.
No, we currently don’t offer samples for this product.
Currently, we do not. We are focused on fulfilling a consumer preference for products with organic ingredients and are excited to offer pads and liners. We will continue to look for ways to expand the products we offer in the future.
Liner: 6.9 inches / 17cm
Regular: 10.2 inches / 26cm
Heavy: 13 inches / 33cm
Overnight: 16.5 inches / 42cm
The top layer (top shet) of the pad is made from 100% organically grown cotton. Underneath the organic cotton top sheet is the absorbent core, containing unbleached fluff pulp and cellulose which are soft fluffy fibers derived from wood pulp. For more information on ingredients in our products click HERE.


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